Saturday, January 15, 2011

thiscool .

When Kesha went to Take It Off, Bruno Mars threw a Grenade which made Katy Perry a Firework . That made Usher say OMG and then he exploded too. Fortunately Taylor Swift rode away on a White Horse. Unfortunately Rihanna killed her while she was running away!! So Rihanna became the Only Girl In The World. The loneliness caused Rihanna to become a retard , so she doesn't know her name. Now she keeps saying Oh na na What's My Name? Nelly soon woke up saying it was Just a Dream


Hanafi WangZi said...

oh.. macam tuh.. enrique iglesias ngan eva longoria xde ke?
(bunge matahri awak besa sanagt tok notebuk kecik saye) huhu

aleen aiden said...

hahah.nice 1...like2. ^_*

Much Love

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