Friday, October 15, 2010

miss sick .

since last night i had headache .
ouhh mom , papa .. i miss u ...
i feel like i am a small baby who needs her mommy to take care her of when she is sick rite now .. 
there is no one can replace mom's care .. dad's care ..
i really MISS them .
i wanna go back home next weekend .
i wanna throw away all my pain even though its just for a while .
a lot of things happened lately . and i am really sick . im SICK .. ='(


ieqa said...

ololooo sian die eyhhh.
saba yee mieqa. next week dh tak lame :)

ribena.illina said...

alahaiiiiiiiiiii. cian nye lah ieqa. skg sick lagi tak ? xmo nages2 mcm dulu okeh ! heee~

ayumieqa said...

ieqa : thanx sayam ;)

k.bena : hee .. igt ag ehh k.bena tyme owg nges sem pas .. hoho ! malu gue ! ;p

star itu bintang said...

sakit rindu tu .

makan ubat .

Un Phat Lee said...

balik jelah.ehe XD

Much Love

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