Tuesday, December 15, 2009

mood : missin' u sir !! :|

Think of me when u're out, when u're out there
I'll beg u nice from my knees
When the world treats u way too fairly
It's a shame i'm a dream

I think I'll pace my room a few times
And fall asleep on my bed
And wake up early to black n white re-runs?
That escaped from the mouth
I could follow u to the beginning
And juz relive da start
N maybe then we'll remember to slow down
To all of our favorite parts

All I wanted was u
All I wanted was u
All I wanted was u
Can't u juz take it dear??!!!
im juz wanna see u by my side evrytime i open my eyes..ahakks!!
(how it could b ?? we're not married yet !! LOL)
Miss u like crazy sir !!


. ieqa . said...

olololooo sweet je ~ ♥

ayumieqa said...

huhu..mmg manis pon....XD

mr Mohd Abdillah aNDy said...

ieqa sengal..hak3..

ayumieqa said...

andy..aqu sengal..kau senget..deeaaalll!!!haahha

Much Love

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